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Anti-aging skin solutions are as varied as individual skin types, and new ones are frequently publicized as a "miracle" cures for wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, blemishes, dry skin and overall dull surface appearance.

Plenty of scientific research goes into the development of new products that promise a more youthful appearance, and one of the latest ones with the most promise comes in the form of ceramide replacement.

Replacing this particular lipid with supplements called phytoceramides has been proven effective for smoothing out fine lines and giving the skin hydration from within.

This component of the skin's natural structure acts similar to mortar holding bricks together, and it starts to decline in volume as we start aging.

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Revitol Phytoceramides

Revitol Phytoceramides




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Revitol Phytoceramides

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SkinCeption Phyto350

Skinception Phyto350




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Skinception Phyto350

What are Phytoceramides?

According to Wikipedia, are synthetic substances designed to mimic and replace ceramides, which naturally occur in the subcutaneous layers of the skin. Together with certain types of cholesterol, ceramides work to keep the skin smooth and hydrated.

The amount of ceramide in the skin starts to decline with aging, and phytocermides in ingested tablets are intended to act as a replacement.

A loss of the natural ceramides in the skin contributes to visible signs of aging, including dry skin, crow's feet around the eyes and other fine lines on the face.

Ceramide replacement can help reduce these signs of aging and replenish the skin's needed hydration. Unlike various topical anti-aging creams, manufactured phytoceramides are taken as supplements and work to rehydrate the skin on all four layers.

Natural Phytoceramides

Phytoceramides have recently been approved by the FDA as an anti-aging supplement. The substance can be extracted from animal fats or from some plant sources, namely wheat, sweet potatoes or rice.

Natural ceramides work on all four layers of skin, from the epidermis to the basal layer. A number of different phytoceramide formulations have been used for years in hair conditioners and various skin moisturizers in order to lock in needed hydration.

The internal use of the supplements plumps up the skin, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, particularly in the face. Moisture gets locked in just where it's needed, existing signs of aging become noticeably less prominent.

By opting for natural phytoceramide tablets, you'll eventually see anti-aging benefits from the inside out.

Phytoceramides Side Effects

As with any supplement, phytoceramide tablets can have potentially both good and bad side effects. Long-term users report improvements of better skin tone, a younger-looking appearance, fewer fine lines and fewer free radicals that can penetrate the skin's surface.

These environmental toxins can build up and lead to a tired, dull appearance of the skin. The best phytoceramides can fill in the skin's natural protective barrier with needed hydration and thus reduce the damage from free radical build-up.

Over the long run, you may also see improved natural resistance to infections that normally take place when harmful bacteria enters the body through cuts or abrasions.

If you have chronic dry skin or hair, this supplement can significantly soften and moisturize both when taken consistently over a period of time.

According to various phytoceramides reviews, the best results and no negative side effects come from supplements derived from plant extracts. The most recommended phytoceramide tablets are formulated from rice oil or wheat germ oil.

They've been tested many times as safe to use even if you have sensitivities to gluten or other types of common skin allergies. Since phytoceramide supplements work from the inside out, you won't get the same topical irritations that can result from some anti-aging gels, creams or serums.

The same types of natural plant-based ceramides are found in a wide variety of foods, so they've been designated as safe for human consumption.

Does Phytoceramides Work

Phytoceramides: Does it Work?

Taking plant-based phytoceramide supplements is no different from taking any other type of vitamin or mineral supplement. Results come from consistency, so it's essential to take the recommended dosage every day.

Some brands only need to be taken once a day, and others come with a twice-daily dosage. According to numerous studies, these internal anti-aging supplements are genuine solutions towards improved skin texture and appearance.

According to phytoceramides reviews posted by satisfied customers, they see visibly smoother and younger-looking skin after about two to four weeks.

For phytoceramide supplements to work effectively, it's recommended to take each dose with a meal and a glass of water. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day will also help to speed up the positive effects of phytoceramide supplements.

The selected brand of these supplements is another important factor, and experts site the best phytoceramides as those made from only plant extracts. The highest quality tablets also contain antioxidants that counter signs of environmental damage in the skin.

Phytoceramides Clinical Studies

The FDA has conducted numerous studies showing the effectiveness of this anti-aging supplement.

Since the phytoceramides penetrate all four layers of skin from the inside out, much better results have been compared to those of test subjects using only phytoceramide topical creams or serums.

These topical treatments only work themselves into the first two layers of the skin at most, including those only available in medspas rather than over the counter.

A recent study done at Osaka City University suggests that long term use of phytoceramide tablets can work as a viable alternative to popular anti-aging injectible treatments to reduce wrinkles.

Phytoceramides: Dr. Oz. Recommended It

Physician and popular talk show host Dr. Oz has endorsed plant-based phytoceramide tablets as anti-aging measures that truly work as alternatives to injections, laser treatments, skin peals and other invasive treatments.

Dr. Oz reports that these supplements are instrumental in the quick turnover of dead skin cells as well as generating new cells. 

He also states this cell turnover is vital for the skin's ability to retain needed moisture.

In a posted video review, Dr. Oz describes phytoceramide supplements as one of his essential vitamins he takes on a daily basis, and no supplement sellers have paid him to endorse phytoceramide tablets.

He also recommends a good multivitamin taken once a day, along with omega-3 supplements for even better skin health over time.

As with any supplements, phytoceramide tablets need to be kept out of reach of children and are not recommended for users under the age of 18.

Phytoceramides Customer Reviews

A good number of phytoceramides reviews and testimonials are available online from satisfied customers.

Many of these reviews include descriptions of skin improvements that have surpassed those of any other anti-aging product. Some customers report that the tablets take about a month to start showing results, and for some it may take longer due to individual body chemistry.

Like many others, I heard that if you clean face, apply the vitamin C serum, let absorb, then apply the phytoceramides cream, and take a phytoceramide capsule every day, that miraculous results would occur. Well, I was certainly a huge skeptic, but I thought, what the heck, the reviews are crazy positive. I am shocked to tell you that after 2 weeks of doing this religiously, there has been a huge difference in my face and neck; I am 57. Wrinkles around eyes, color, texture, tightness, sagginess under chin; all very improved. This is the phytoceramide cream I ordered and have been using, and it appears to be doing a great job at something with the other products.(From Revitol Website)
by Arianna
Verified Purchase

A few reviewers also mention that using a vitamin C topical cream along with the supplements brings even brighter, younger-looking skin.

Generally Pleased..., Yes, I do like this product, though I am not blown away by it. First of all, it doesn't have a pronounced fragrance, or a greasy or heavy feel to it. It is the new part of a regimen that has been working pretty well for me over time. I use Revitol moisturizer in conjunction with Vitamin C serum, hylaluronic acid, (also, I use retinol serum at night), and a separate sunscreen. I do not yet take the oral phytoceramides that many reviewers suggest could make a big difference in the beneficial effects one might observe. I thought I should introduce only one new variable at a time into the mix and then evaluate the results after several weeks use. Well, I've been using this product for a little over a month now and I do see some modest improvement in my skin's texture and clarity. I don't have a problem with deep wrinkles, so I can't report on its effectiveness in that regard, but my fine lines have been minimized. If you're not expecting some sort of "a miracle-in-a-bottle," but approach this product with reasonable expectations, I think you'll find it to be a good moisturizer that can help improve your complexion. My results are, nevertheless, a bit less dramatic than I had hoped for, so I am now ready to add the oral phytoceramides to the mix, to see if they really do boost positive results.(From revitol website)
by Renee

Others recommend adding more foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids to your diet, such as avocados, fish and walnuts.

Phytoceramides: Good or Bad?

Phytoceramide supplements have gotten overall good feedback from the medical and beauty industries. Results can vary from one person to the next, depending on individual body chemistry and some existing health conditions.

Although it's relatively rare, some users have experienced indigestion or heartburn when first starting a phytoceramide regimen, but these side effects most often have to do with individual brands of tablets.

Switching to a different brand of tablets usually resolves this temporary problem. If you have a history of pronounced gluten sensitivities, it's a good idea to scale back the dosage from once a day to every two or three days.

Taking phytoceramides as supplements can bring you the results you desire, though the positive effects can hinge on the origin and manufacture of the tablets.

You may find you're seeing fewer improvements to your skin from taking bovine-based phytoceramide supplements. Many clinical trials have found that plant-based ones bring better results faster and are more effective at helping dry skin retain needed moisture.

If you have a history of wheat allergies, it's advised to talk to your physician before trying any wheat-derived phytoceramide supplements. In this case, it's a better choice to go with sweet-potato-based or rice-based tablets.

Until further research determines these supplements are completely safe for women who are pregnant or nursing, it's recommended to skip them and any other supplements not explicitly approved by your physician.

Best Place to Buy Phytoceramides

A wide variety of phytoceramide supplement brands are available for sale both online and in brick-and-mortar stores.

Online sellers include Amazon, and Vendors' websites are some of the best available sources for honest phytoceramides reviews as well.

The average price of a bottle of tablets is $35-$40, not including shipping. Most brands' capsules contain between 300 and 350 mg of phytoceramides.

Some online vendors claim to sell tablets containing as many as 1,200 mg of this anti-aging supplement, but many of these tablets have been found to contain significant amounts of fillers.

It's highly advised to buy phytoceramide supplements only from trusted, reputable sources. Be aware of sellers that offer free trial offers or monthly supplies of supplements.

Many of their products are low quality and contain filler ingredients that do nothing as far as skin improvement. A few unscrupulous online sellers require automatic billing every month and make it difficult to cancel this kind of subscription.

To avoid these problems, it's a good idea to look for recognizable names when you're searching for a reputable seller of high quality phytoceramide tablets.

The Best Phytoceramides product

Cost Effective Option

Revitol Phytoceramides

Revitol Phytoceramides




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Revitol Phytoceramides

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SkinCeption Phyto350

Skinception Phyto350




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Skinception Phyto350

The Top Three Phytoceramides on the Market

The best quality phytoceramide tablets don't contain any chemical additives or fillers. Each tablet is formulated with only plant-based phytoceramide extract, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin C.

Your Best Option

Skinception Phyto350

The top quality phytoceramide supplements currently on the market include Skinception Phyto350 and Revitol Phytoceramides.

​Skinception Phyto350

  • The Skinception brand is formulated with each of these vitamins and is 100 percent gluten free. Each tablet contains 350 mg and will bring noticeable positive results within 90 days.
  • Skinception Phyto350 comes with a money-back guarantee during that 90-day trial period as well.
  • ​The included phytoceramides work to fill in fine lines and wrinkles as well as fade dark spots that also often appear with age.
  • Satisfied customers who have taken Skinception Phyto350 report brighter skin, fewer blemishes and improved resistance to skin damage from the sun's harmful UV rays.

Skinception Phyto350

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Your Cost Effective Option

Revitol Phytoceramides

A second recommended brand of phytoceramide tablets is the Revitol combination pack of supplements and anti-aging topical cream : Revitol Phytoceramides

Revitol Phytoceramides

  • The supplements are known as derma-phytoceramides, and they don't contain the same concentrations of vitamins A or C as some other brands.
  • The tablets combined with the wrinkle-smoothing cream bring good skin improvement results and have many positive online customer reviews. The Revitol kit has been tested to improve the appearance of wrinkles by as much as 85 percent.
  • ​This option for phytoceramide supplements has also been proven to improve the production of collagen in the skin.

Both the Revitol brand and the Skinception Phyto350 brand get endorsements from Dr. Oz on their official product websites, and they've been included in publicized clinical trials by the Society of Cosmetic Scientists and Skin Bioscience.

Natural Revitol Phytoceramides

Take Your Natural and Cost Effective Option

Your Gluten-Free Option

NutriRevolution Phytoceramides

A final recommended brand of phytoceramide supplements is NutriRevolution Phytoceramides. These tablets are made from 100 percent sweet potato extract, with no unneeded filler ingredients.

NutriRevolution Phytoceramides

  • They're packed with vitamin A due to the main ingredient, and they're also completely gluten-free.
  • Even customers with long term gluten sensitivities have experienced no negative side effects from this phytoceramide brand, and it comes with a large number of excellent online reviews.
  • Taking one capsule a day of NutriRevolution Phytoceramides has been shown to bring visible results within four weeks on average for most people.

Phytoceramide supplements represent a good buy for reducing the appearance of aging as the skin loses its natural ceramides. Results largely depend on the brand and on individual body chemistry.

While this supplement can bring excellent results for the majority of users, some factors can cause phytoceramides to take longer to work for some people.

If you have gluten sensitivities or a history of stomach sensitivity resulting from supplement intake, it's advisable to first discuss phytoceramide use with your physician.

Some existing skin conditions can also interfere with the results of phytoceramide supplement use. Psoriasis, eczema and similar problems are examples, and it's recommended to see a dermatologist to have them cleared up before starting a phytoceramide regimen.

Buying these anti-aging supplements from a reputable and established vendor will ensure you'll be getting a high quality product that will bring your desired youthful appearance.

Final closing judgment

The final closing judgment on phytoceramide supplements is that they're worth trying as long as you first do some careful comparison shopping.

Be sure to buy from reputable sellers and look for top quality products made from only plant-derived phytoceramides.

Before making any purchase of this supplement, also look carefully at the ingredients for added vitamins and avoid any supplements with added fillers.

Buying high quality phytoceramide supplements will bring you the desired results of younger-looking, better-hydrated skin within a reasonable time frame.

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